brand of erotical attributes collections

S39 is a brand of premium quality leather accessories and lingerie inspired by images of desire, eroticism and fashion.

S39 believes that the sexual human feeling is a factor that affects all areas of our life, not just an intimate one, because of inner satisfaction and freedom, that directly affects the level of happiness. The every person’s goal is to develop their sexual self-awareness. The power of sexual energy brings great ecstasy and inspiration to life.
The logo of S39 symbolizes the connection between two personalities, their sexual beginnings and the power that they create together.“S” personifies the beauty of the female body lines, their magnetism and erotica. Combining “S” and “3”, these symbols are superimposed on each other, and new element “9” is obtained. Just like people, coming into contact while sexual intercourse, form a new deeper and stronger sensual connection between each other. The union of these symbols encapsulates S39’s free-thinking ideology and inspires sexual exploration, sensuality and enjoyment.

In addition to its own attributes, S39 presents collections of leather accessories and erotic items created by Ukrainian manufacturers. Each erotic accessory presented in the range of the showroom is conceived and made in Kiev. All products are processed and handmade from the highest quality natural leather, which gives each accessory colossal reliability. Italian nickel-plated metal fittings are the elegant accent of each accessory. Using the functional elements of bondage and discipline in the design, the S39 turns them into luxurious and seductive attributes of sexual experiments.

be opened to the ultimate erotic experience of your life,
be brave to make your own discoveries,
be honest to explore your deepest desires and embrace the opportunities, that mutual excitement and individual satisfaction gives.
Surrender to your desires, and allow S39 to lead you into temptation.

Founded in 2018.